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Sizzling Hot Deluxe 3.55 out of 5 based on 20 ratings.
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Sizzling Hot is a well-known slot game that has been present in land based casinos for several years, initially rapidly growing in popularity and now continuing to remain a favourite of players. This popularity was noticed by Novomatic Gaming, who acquired the licence to the game and built a faithful recreation of the game for the online market. Now, for the first time, both seasoned land based casino players and online players can experience the game exactly as it was originally designed in the comfort of their own home.

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The slot machine itself is a classic mainly because of its simplicity. Both beginners and experienced players alike will be familiar with the layout, consisting of three rows of five reels, and the ever popular fruit symbols that make up each reel. The twists that make Sizzling Hot so special are the seven and scatter star symbols that enhance the playability of the game and will be covered in more detail later.

Aside from familiarity, the other obvious draw of the game for both beginners and experienced veterans is the massive prizes. Sizzling Hot has one of the most lucrative pay tables of any online slot machine, and also boasts a massive progressive bonus that is uncapped and can be won at any moment with a lucky spin.

Several casinos use the Sizzling Hot software. Such is Novomatic Gaming’s reputation that there are both online casinos dedicated exclusively to their games and others that use them as part of a larger all round service. The software remains the same at any casino, and so players are assured of an excellent gaming experience wherever they see the Sizzling Hot name among available games.

Novomatic are known primarily for the fairness, reliability and ease of use of their games, and all of these are true of Sizzling Hot. Clear instructions tell the player how to play in a truly uncomplicated manner, while a clear pay table, denoted in coins, ensures full transparency of the prizes on offer related to matching any symbol along the reels. By taking the game online, the company has ensured that the experience is faithfully reproduced and that players no longer have to travel, park or queue for a machine – one is always available at any time.

A popular addition to many casino slots over recent years is the gamble feature. Such a feature is present and prominently displayed on Sizzling Hot, and fits nicely with the simplistic nature of the game. Whenever a player spins in a win of any size, the gamble feature is activated and players have the opportunity to double their money. This opportunity continues, with players able to continue gambling the accumulated amount until they either choose to collect their winnings or lose. At this point the player is returned to standard slot play and can continue as normal. When they win again, the gamble button returns to active status.

The star symbols are one of Sizzling Hot’s unique features. In some casino slot games, matching three of the special symbol takes a player to a bonus round. Rather than complicating the gaming experience with separate round, by matching three stars anywhere on any reel, the player is automatically awarded an additional prize.

The lucky seven symbol is the other unique symbol on the Sizzling Hot game. As would be expected, pay outs are large on any symbol when five are matched across a win line. However, the seven is the symbol to aim for. Rather than a set pay out, matching five symbols wins the game’s own progressive jackpot. This jackpot accumulates with every coin played, meaning the more a player spins, the more rapidly the jackpot goes up. The jackpot is, like the rest of the game, denoted in coins, and so varies in value depending on the coin value assigned to each spin by the player. This makes it ideal for all players, as there is no weighting applied to win chances based on the amount of a currency assigned to each spin.

As has become commonplace on online video slots, there is also an auto play option for players, where they can set the coin value, number of win lines and number of spins to automatically use. By setting the auto play into motion, the game continues as normal with no user interaction, with all prizes being automatically credited, including any wins from the scattered star symbol or even the lucky sevens.

The auto play feature on Sizzling Hot is not the only feature to make life easier when playing the game. Experienced players who want to dive straight in and maximise their opportunities can use the BetMax feature, which automatically sets coin values and the number of win lines to their highest values. This means that every line is covered, giving the most opportunities to win by matching symbols, and also means that should the progressive jackpot be won, the coin value will translate into the highest possible amount.


Novomatic Gaming does not only cater to the high rollers with Sizzling Hot. In addition to jumping straight in with the BetMax feature, beginners can choose to play the practice game for virtual cash. Whether they are looking to test the water with their standard stake size, or experience the thrill of playing the game for high amounts, the practice game is perfect for experiencing and learning the game with no risk.

In reality, the practice game is rarely required due to the inherent simplicity of the game itself. Beginners can choose as few as five win lines before starting to play the game, and the link between currencies and coin values means that players can play for very low amounts before progressing on to bigger values, and therefore bigger prizes. No matter which approach the player chooses to take, the fact remains that they can experience the hugely popular Sizzling Hot game from the comfort of their own home at any time!

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